The Company Lenox

As an import and export business of frozen foods in international markets, it is our main objective that our customers are continuously satisfied with our products. Our most important concern is the astainability of the highest quality and safety of our products.

The Past

Experience & Competence

Our long-time relationships with our customers and suppliers, our expertise in the global handling within the import and export business as well as the farmland and production of frozen fruits and vegetables have been the foundation of our business.

The Present

Precision & Analysis

The personal contact to our customers as well as our insight into the frozen food market, our knowledge of this business and networking with our co-workers enables us very successful decision-making.

The Future

Foresight & Growth

We are coping with the quickly changing challenges of our business through strategies and technologies which allow us to adjust and increase our market presence on a constant basis.

Our daughter company Lenox Frozen Foods produces frozen fruits in Bulgaria. With this company we merged with the larger company Bulgaria Foods as of October, 1st 2015 and own a share of 51%. Bulgaria Foods posseses two production plants (Letnitza and Dobrodan) with their own farmland and operate with additional local suppliers.

The objectives of our collaboration

- Strengthening of market positions, capital base and management.
- Improving the capacity utilization and production.
- Installation of new freezing equipment and a new flow freezing tunnel.
- General renovation of the material base.
- Better use and increase of own farmland especially for organic raspberries, organic strawberries and organic blackberries
- Formation of a good working joined team.

Quality & Professionality


International Network

As a reliable partner, we operate a global network of producers and customers. This assures us to react promptly to current offers and inquiries. Moreover, this network gives us the opportunity to open new markets and to materialize product ideas.


We continuously work on optimizing all proccesses and have closest contact with our suppliers to avoid errors and with that maximizing customer satisfaction. Being a wholesale and foreign trade company, we are very aware of our responsibility and conduct our own quality control on certain imports. Our main concern is environmentally friendly productions and following a principle of actions of sustainability.


Our Organic Certification Number: DE-ÖKO-006

You can download our certificate as a PDF.

A selection of our frozen foods.

Fruits & Vegetables

Frozen Fruits

A selection of our frozen fruits (organic/conventional).

Our catalogue includes tradeable fruits selections as well as ordinary fruits like strawberries, blackberries, black/red currants, blueberries and raspberries. Beyond that, we also trade with sour cherries, plums and many other frozen fruits. Your inquiries are most welcome.

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Frozen Vegetables

An assortment of our frozen vegetables (organic/conventional).

The spectrum of our tradeable vegetable assortment ranges from cauliflower, brussels sprouts to tomatoes, carrots and red/green/yellow peppers as well as broccoli and onions. In diverse specifications we trade these and additional sorts of frozen vegetables. Your inquiries are most welcome.

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Export Management

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